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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

You Know Someone In Your Family Has Spina Bifida When...

-You find a catheter in the dryer (that apparently went through the washing machine)

- You hear things like, "Titan (our dog) is sick!  He needs surgery!  Let's do surgery on him!"  Or better yet, when your kiddo tears a sticker, you have to do surgery, STAT!

- You check your purse and you only have $1, but you have 3 catheters.

- You are a ninja and can cath a child in their sleep without them waking, and this becomes a bragging point.

- You get so excited about latex-free bandaids in cute designs that are cheap at walmart that you buy 4 boxes and put them in your children's Easter egg baskets.

- You get VERY excited about an offer in your child's monthly cath order for a free cathing mirror.  So excited, in fact, that you have to run and tell all your friends who also have spina bifida or someone in their family living with spina bifida.

- You find yourself running accross the room, while everything moves in slow motion, yelling "NO!  Don't put that catheder in your mouth!  We just used that one!"  Luckily you make it just in time ;).

- You find yourself explaining that a catheder, even a clean one, is not a straw and not to drink out of.

-You wander in to your half-lit bathroom to brush your teeth before bed and don't realize someone stuck the lube container in with the toothpaste containers.... until you have already started brushing with it!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

When your child thinks that the bottle of irrigating solution is their sippy cup!!