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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

An Interesting Look at Ramya

I recently joined a group on Facebook for families that have adopted children from the orphanage that Ramya just left.  One of the moms on there has been following Ramya's journey and is really excited that we are adopting her.  She gave me links to two articles written about her (her name was changed, but she is child number 2 in the first article).  It's kind of neat to go back and read the things that they wrote about Ramya.  Because we weren't in the "adoption loop" when we found Ramya, we didn't see anything written about her, except for the medical files and such.  We are just so excited to get her home!!


Unknown said...

That's so great to get to read more about your little girl. I hope everything proceeds quickly your adoption and that she is home soon!

Unknown said...

this is awesome to know. so sad that it takes so long.