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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our Final Tally

I realized I never came back and updated on our last garage sale day!  That just shows you how behind I am :).  

Saturday was a pretty busy day.  It wasn't quite as busy as Friday, but we had a steady stream of traffic.  We also had some very yummy bake sale items donated (THANK YOU KIM AND EMILY!!!), so we had yummy treats to sell too.  Our total from Saturday was $580, making our grand total $2,332, YEAH!  This puts us OVER our goal!  I'm actually pretty excited to have a small buffer, just in case we end up needing more than I budgeted for with the adoption.  If we end up not needing it, it will give us a little bit extra to put towards her medical bills once we get her here (new AFOs and a walker will be needed ASAP, as well as many appointments with the urologist, neurosurgeon, pediatrician, dentist, and orthopedic surgeon.  We have insurance we will be adding her to, but it's not amazing so big things can add up fast) or other little things that she will need when she gets here (like cloth training pants, clothes, bedding, and all that fun stuff).

Oh, AND, this does not include a $40 check I got Sunday for some items someone had bought and paid for or a check my mom is giving me for items she bought.  It also doesn't include the money from a treadmill that was donated that we are buying ourselves for Madi.  We are paying for it out of Madi's Amazon Associate's account (so a big "thank you" to everyone who purchases using her link!).  Tami, Madi's PT, was VERY excited when she saw the treadmill.  It goes to a very low speed, so we are able to use it with her for therapy.  It will help with circulation, bone density, bowels and bladder, weight-bearing, and all of the other things standing/walking helps with, but will also help with her gait, posture, weight shifting, and endurance, among many other things.  So far Madi loves using it and has used it many times.  I'll post a video here shortly of her using it.

Again I just want to say "thank you" to everyone who donated items, helped us sort through things, helped us run our sales, brought us bake sale goodies, and prayed for us.  You guys are the best!  We love our little (well, actually pretty big!) adoption village :).

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