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Friday, March 9, 2012

A Recap of Fees Paid, an Estimate of Fees to Come, and an Updated Timeline

Here are the fees we have paid so far in our adoption process:
  • Oasis homestudy application fee- $75
  • Fingerprints (getting them taken)- $35
  • Fingerprints (court fees to process)- $62
  • Adoption Learning Partners adoption videos- $149
  • Dr. Luberto- Physicals- $65
  • Oasis homestudy fee- $1,250
  • Birth certificate copies x 3 (Conner, Madi, and Jamie)- $60
  • Apostles- $36
  • Apostles (yes more ;))- $69
  • Apostles- $6
  • David's birth certificate copy- $15
  • Apostle- $2
  • Department of Homeland Security (i-800a)- $890
  • Apostle- $6
  • WACAP (application fees, agency fees, international processing fees, file maintenance fees, and post placement report transmittal fees)- $16,800
Total paid (there are probably a few more minor charges, but you get the point ;)) thus far: $19,520

Upcoming fees (these are based on Jessica's estimate from WACAP and talking with Oasis):

  • Ramya’s US entry visa fee: $404 paid to US embassy in India
  • Ramya’s visa medical visit fee: typically around $150 paid to MaxMedcenter in India
  • Flights: typically $1,800-$3,000 per person for roundtrip airfare (2,000 x 4 =  $8,000 + 1,000 for Ramya's return trip = $9,000)
  • Lodging, ground transportation, and meals in India: typically $600-$1,200 per person (we are hoping to use timeshare weeks that my aunt and uncle are letting us use, so for now we are not including lodging, $1,500)
  • Post placement services: depends on Oasis’s fees, but typically $300-$600 per report plus mileage for usually two required reports paid to Oasis ($960)
  • US finalization: typically $100-$1,800 depending on your state’s requirements and adoption attorney fees if needed ($250)
  • Misc. fees for passports, court fees in India, etc.... $300
Estimated total: $12,564 (unless we end up needing a hotel)

The good news is that we should be getting a good tax refund, have our fundraiser garage sale coming up (and are getting LOTS of good goodies for it!!), and still have more bracelets to sell.  Oh, and we will be doing a fundraiser at Peter Piper Pizza as well (info to come soon).  Hopefully once that is all said and done, we will be VERY close to our goal!!  YEAH!

I will be updating our "money needed" to reflect our specific current needs.

As for an updated timeline on when we should be able to get her home, here is the remaining process/time estimations:

  • USCIS will send your file to the US embassy in Delhi: takes about 2 weeks
  • The embassy will send you an email asking for your DS230. When you receive this, forward it to me and I will reply to them for you: takes about a week to get the email and I can reply the same day
  • The embassy will issue your Article 5 as their approval for you to move forward: takes about 2 weeks after I reply to the email
  • We notify Vathsalya that you received your Article 5 so they can move your dossier through the local authorities to review and send to CARA. At the same time the embassy will forward your Article 5 to CARA. When CARA has both, they will issue your NOC (no objection certificate): takes about one month
  • The court process can begin; Vathsalya and their lawyers handle it from here. Typically there are three court proceedings which occur over a span of about 3-6 months. At the end you’ll get your guardianship court order.
  • Then the orphanage will obtain a passport application appointment and apply for Ramya’s passport: about a month
  • We wait for the passport: about two months
  • Once the passport is received, you can move forward with travel plans to pick her up!

So that's that!  For now, please be praying for God's protection for Ramya and for our paperwork to move through India much faster than expected.  Thank you for all of your prayers and support!!

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