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Friday, March 2, 2012

A change in the fundraising amount we need!

(It's a good change!!)

When we first estimated our adoption fees, we were told by WACAP, our adoption agency, that we would need a lawyer in the US. In India adoption is not finalized when you leave like it is most Countries, so there is usually more work involved in the adoption.  When you adopt from India, you leave with the child in your guardianship and on a travel visa, versus leaving with them adopted.  Anyhow, after talking with Oasis, our homestudy agency, as well as a few local moms who have adopted internationally, it turns out we shouldn't need a lawyer!  This will save us a big chunk of the remaining  money that we thought we would need!!!  So, for now, I am taking that off of our goal, and I am really hoping it can stay off.  YEAH for being one step closer!!!  I am going to go through all the money we should need to be finished saving, and will post a more detailed update soon :)

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