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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Madi's New HKFOs (AKA Up-Ups)

Madi got her new HKFOs today and is SO SO excited!  Ron at Hanger re-did her design.  This one will take more strength, but will give her more mobility at the same time.  She can kick her legs so much better in them!  We took her old HKFOs and are took off the H (hip) part so that we try using them as her night-time knee immobilizers.... that's one way to reuse and recycle, right?!?!? :).  I'll get a video of Madi cruisin in her new up ups tomorrow for everyone to see them in action! 

Being great waiters!  The little girl on the right is Kaylynn, whom I watch 3 days a week.  Conner is so good with her and she is such a little sweetie!

YEAH!  Time to try them on!  (pardon the chocolate from her granola bar on her clothes ;))

Left... old; Right... new

My kiddos sure do love Ron!


Unknown said...

very happy for madi!

Jill said...

Very cool!! I want to get King a set of HKAFO's. I was just talking to his PT about it the other week because of Madi! Love the pink.

ainemc said...

Love them! And I love how Madi is so happy all the time, even when at the hospital. She's such a sweetie.