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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Chance to Join a Spina Bifida Research Project

I got an e-mail about a current study that is looking at genetic links to spina bifida and wanted to share.  We would participate, but we already participated in round one :).  Here's the info....

Help Make a Difference, with a few minutes of your time:

The Spina Bifida Genetics Research Project is starting the second phase of a study to determine if genetic variations in folic acid metabolism account for an increased risk of having a child affected by Spina Bifida. From the results of the study, it may be possible to develop a test that can identify women who may not be adequately protected by standard prenatal vitamins, but who might benefit from high dose folic acid therapy prior to conception.

We are seeking mothers who have had children with Spina Bifida, and who did not participate in the first phase of this study, which was conducted in 2009-2010. We are also enrolling mothers of children who have not had children affected by Spina Bifida to serve as controls for the analysis.

Participants in the study are asked to complete a brief online survey and provide a DNA sample using a simple, at-home saliva collection kit that is delivered and returned by mail. For more information and to enroll in the Spina Bifida Genetics Research Project, please go to the website at and select ENROLL. The website and survey are available in both English and Spanish.

Upon completion, participants may choose to receive a $10 gift card or we will donate $10 to a spina bifida organization of your choice.

The Spina Bifida Genetics Research Project includes scientists from UC Berkeley, Stanford University, UC San Francisco, Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute and VitaPath Genetics.


Courtney Beyer said...

Thank you so much for posting information about our study on your blog. I also wanted to let you know that we have finished creating our blog buttons and it would be great if you posted a button on your blog. Thanks!!! Courtney

Gretchen said...

hmmm..... I tried to enroll but it only took my email and name... interesting. Will see if I hear back from them :-) Thanks for sharing!