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Monday, November 7, 2011

Yeah for Rifton!

Rifton read my post about needing a handle for our dynamic stander and sent us one that is technically for another piece of equipment but that they thought would work with her stander.  We got it today and so far, it seems like it will work great!  We have it on right now and I took a few pictures so you could see it (ignore the Halloween decorations... haven't gotten around to getting those down yet!!). 

We plan to test it out today so I will come back and update everyone on how it works.  It was very easy to install, though, so I was excited about that!  I've also been very pleased with Rifton's customer service. 

I took this picture of Madi earlier today (before the handle came).  She wanted to go out for a stroll in her stander, and for some reason, insisted on a helmet :).  It was cute!


Jessica said...

That's awesome! She's too cute in her stander with a helmet :).

Jill said...

Very cool! We just ordered our Rifton stander last week. i'm so excited for it to come in!!