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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

For Those Who Asked to Donate for Our Adoption

I have to admit, this post has taken me a long time to write and I've been putting it off for a while.  Accepting money and help is something that I really, really struggle with.  I appreciate the hearts of those who have asked to give, though, and I am ready to admit it takes a village to bring a child home; not just financially, but with prayers, help, and support as well.  So, to our village, THANK YOU!

Here's the latest update on how you can donate, for those of you who have asked :)

  1. You can give a tax deductible donation through Wacap in our name, which would specifically be for Ramya.  If for some reason our adoption was not approved, the money would not follow us, but would stay with Ramya for the family that was approved to adopt her.  If this happened, we would be more than ok with the money staying with Ramya, since her having a home, even if it isn't ours, is extremely important to us!  Wacap said the easiest way is to mail us a check, then I can gather all the checks, write a letter that they are for Ramya and our adoption, then mail them all in at once. 
    1. Here is the response I got, with more information:  If you have several people that would like to donate money for Ramya’s adoption, it would be best if they could send the checks to you first and then you can bundle them all together and send them all to us. The checks can be made out to WACAP and should indicate on the check or in a letter from each family that this money is a donation for Ramya’s adoption. Then, when you bundle them together and send them to us, you can add a note that these checks are donations for Ramya’s adoption and that you are the family currently matched with her. Keep in mind that if for some reason your adoption of Ramya falls through, you will not receive the money since it would stay with Ramya for whichever family does adopt her. The people who make the donations should talk to their tax accountants for more information about how to apply this as a donation for their tax purposes
  2. You can give a donation to Wacap that is NOT tax deductible, but that would follow our family in the event our adoption with Ramya was not approved.  You can mail the check straight to them, but you would just need to include a letter that it is for our family.  Here's the info I got about that...
    1. If desired, the donator could write the check to WACAP and make it specific to your family’s adoption, regardless of which child you adopt. As long as you do complete your adoption through WACAP, this money will be applied to your fees, but the person who sent the money cannot write it off as a donation.
    2. The address is: 315 S. Second St. Renton, WA 98057
  3. You can donate through Paypal using the link below.  The money would NOT be tax deductible, and there are paypal fees (unless you give as 'personal' and 'gift', instead of as a donation), but it is an easy way to give!

Of course, you can also mail/give a donation directly to us.  If you have any questions, please e-mail me at  For those of you who have donated items for our garage sale, donated your time to help us prepare/organize, are planning to donate, or who have prayed for us, THANK YOU for your support!  We love each one of you and are so thankful for you!

Our current goal is $10,200, due ASAP.  They have agreed to let us make a small payment, then send in more once our garage sale is complete.  Whatever else is left we will put on our credit card so that we don't delay the process.  Because we have already paid some of our fees, however, our overall goal is $30,000 and includes our trip to India to bring Ramya home.

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