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Sunday, May 30, 2010

She's growing up!

Tonight Madi wanted to sit on the potty (she's going to kill me when she's older for sharing this picture and story :)) and sat for a while. We sang, brushed our hair, talked, played, and finally she agreed that she was done. When I took her off, there was a tiny, tiny little poop and a tiny tiny little pee! Who would have guessed that at 18 months, she would do that?!?!? I know we are no where near potty-learning, but it's exciting none-the-less. At the same time, though, I could not help but feel some sadness. Not only is my little baby growing up, but the potty is also something I know will never be easy for her. So many of us take for granted that we can sit down, do our business, and be done. For Madi, she will most likely have surgeries to help her stay dry and to fix her renal reflux, and, with all of that, may still have to cath herself multiple times a day and may leak, which is just no fun.  She may have to have a surgery to help her be able to clean out her bowels. There is just no way of knowing now what her long-term needs will be. While I am happy and excited for her accomplishments, I still cannot help but wish life would be easier for her. I know that she is amazingly determined and smart, though, and she will persevere. One day, there will be a surgery that will help her, the technology improves every day! But for today, I will choose to be happy, and rejoice, because we cannot control the future, and worrying over it does nothing but add unnecessary stress.  Here's my beautiful girl:

(Please excuse the dark photo... my camera broke and I have to use my phone camera until I get it back)

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