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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Looking for ideas (again :))

I would really, really love to buy or build a handicap accessible playground for Madi in our backyard. She will be getting her wheelchair soon, and I would love to get a structure she and Conner can play on together, as well as the kids we have over for playdates and such. I think it will be amazing for her social and emotional development, and just help her feel that she can participate and be part of the "crowd". Plus, since we are going to homeschool the kiddos, it will really be her only access to something, unless we drive to a public park, which is doable sometimes, but not on a daily basis. Sounds like a great plan, right? Well, it would be, if we had about $25,000 (and many are more money!!) to purchase one, and get the soft matting she needs for under the playground so that she can wheel or walk on it. I've been looking and looking for grants, but because it is not a community project, meaning the whole community won't use it, I am coming up short. My dad is a general contractor and can build one, but I haven't been successful in finding plans either. So... I am looking for ideas. Do you know of a grant we can apply for? Do you have an idea for fundraising? Do you know how to find plans for one? Do you have  the name of someone who can build it for less?  If you have any information at all that we can use, PLEASE let us know! Thank you!

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