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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Woo Hoo, we found something COOL and AFFORDABLE!

Today when Tami, Madi's physical therapist, was over, I was telling her about a tandem tricycle I had found and was wanting to get.  It is $350, though, so it was going to take a while to save up for it.  She told me about a very cool tandem attachment for the Kettler Trike, which Conner already has, and helped me find it.  We already have enough Amazon Associate money saved up to buy it, and I am so very excited!  I am going to request her Amazon money so that we can purchase it for her.  Here is the insert and the harness that we will be getting....

We still want to save up for a Tumble Form Ready Racer or an AmTryke, which are both little bikes she can operate by herself and are made for children ages 18 months and up, but this will be a great option for her in the meantime.  Conner and Madi can ride together for walks, in the back yard, etc... and Madi can feel like a big girl, doing what her brother does.  She ALWAYS wants to be like her big brother, which is awesome but also challenging when the equipment to help her be independent like she wants to is so darn expensive.  We are trying to search for a place that lends out AmTrykes or Ready Racers, or a used one to purchase, and hope to find one that way. 

Be on the lookout for pictures of Madi cruising around with Conner, I just know she's going to love it!  Kettler Tandem Insert, $70.  Kettler Seatbelt, $18.  Seeing Madi and Conner play and laugh together.... PRICELESS!

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