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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We're hoooooooooooooome

We are officially home from the MRI and Madi did really well.  I felt so bad because she had to go NPO and kept signing to me that she wanted to eat, but overall, she did great.  I held her as they put on the gas mask and she fell asleep.  I was supposed to be there when she woke, but she woke up about 30 seconds too early and really mad that momma wasn't there.  A little milk and she was a much happier baby.  She has decided naps are for wimps and won't nap today, but she's happy and playing and that's all that matters!  Tuesday we see Dr. Moss and I will have an update as far as if she has a tethered cord or not, and if so, how we will procede.  Thank you for your prayers today and please keep sending them our way!


Unknown said...

Glad all went well. Will be looking forward to the news on Tuesday.

That picture is so adorable!!!!


Ciaran's parents, Jon & Wendy said...

Hi Jamie

What were the results of the MRI. Did her cord retether? That is the surgery Ciaran was having when your darling was born in Nov. 08.

Sorry I have been absent...stupid comp problems. I am glad you are going to Shriner's soon.

Jamie said...

Yes, she's tethered, but we are holding off on surgery for a bit, until we get the results of her urodinamics that is coming up in May. Glad you got your computer fixed!!