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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We found the Hugga-Bebe love!

My local friend, Jessa, from the milk-mom's group of North Phoenix that I belong to (I know you are smirking right now, Eric, but I love having a group of moms that parent simliar to me.  It's nice not being the weird one in the group!)  told me about a wonderful invention... the Hugga-Bebe Infant Support Cushon.  It fits tiny little ones up to toddlers and has adjustable snaps at the base so you always get a good fit.  It goes around your child and helps support them so that they can sit straight.  It also helps keep them in place.  Madi loves going in her red car, as you see pictured above, but always slipped out.  We had to wrap a blanket around her so she could ride in it.  With this insert, though, she can sit up nice, straight, and stable.  I think we'll use it in restaurant high chairs, shopping carts (when she's not in a carrier), and the swings at the park too.  We can't use exasaucers anway, or it would work well in there too.  I am seriously in love with this thing!!!  Here's a link to it on Hugga-Bebe Infant Support Cushion.

Speaking of, Madi had earned about $24 on there already!  I am looking for an intra-muscular stimulator (similar to a TENS unit but with different frequencies) and we're getting close to the amount we need!  WOO HOO!  David's parents are getting her an indoor swing and doorway swing frame, and I cannot wait to get that too!  Madi's going to be one happy girl!
Here is her Amazon link, for anyone who hasn't bookmarked it yet and would like to (or wants to pass it on ;))....

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