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Friday, September 11, 2009

Hard work can be fun

After winning our court case against the state, we had to figure out how to incorporate additional hours in to our therapy sessions. The only way to do that for occupational therapy was to do two consecutive hours, which is a lot for Madi to do at once. We decided that the best way to break it up would be with some fun play as well as some eating time. Danette, her OT, suggested that we do more swinging time. Though it looks like fun, and it is, it also very beneficial. Both Madi and Conner loved it! The swing hangs in the door-frame and you can use different swings and attachments. I would love to find one that we can use more often. Madi is getting too big for her vibrating chair and cannot be in any type of exasaucer, making it hard to put her down when I get ready in the morning. I am trying to find a used door-frame system so that I can put Madi in a toddler swing while I get ready so that she is both close and happy. If anyone knows how to make something like this and can help, I'd be forever grateful! In the meantime, we'll keep swinging!


Stacy said...

Wonder if you could use one of those chin up bars that hooks over a door frame, and hang whatever you use from that? I've seen them in stores and they aren't that expensive. Something like this or this My dad hung a chin up bar when we were kids by using a closet rail (a dowel rod several inches around), and some plastic spots for it to sit in and mounting it in a door frame. It was strong enough to hold his weight (160 ish lbs).
As an alternative, I did have someone tell me about this- you'd have to check with your ot/pt about it though. It does look like it has more support in the bottom than a regular johnnny jump up type thing.

Jamie said...

I was wondering the exact same thing (pull up bar). You can buy the replacement rings for the actual indoor-play one and I was thinking maybe I could buy those and use them on a pull-up bar. Great minds think alike ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jamie, I wanted to let you know where I got a special needs swing set for a reasonable cost:

You can use different swing seats, etc with it and your insurance might even reimburse you :)