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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

She's got some fancy new shoes

Madi's cast is officially off! YEAH!!!! She is now sporting a very cool pair of new shoes. I'm going to make little flowers and bows to clip on them and have already ordered a few pairs of cute knee-high socks from the children's place. I mean, hey, she's still got to be stylish, right!?!?!? We are, unfortunately, having some issues with these, so she actually may be getting a different pair. I noticed she was getting pressure sores on her left foot that weren't letting up after 30 minutes. She also had some swelling and warmness, which is not normal and was only on her left foot. I started using the "pringle chips" to alleviate it but it's not working. Her feet are also not staying planted in her shoes as they should. I constantly readjust, and they constantly pop out. It is an upward battle for sure. I showed her physical therapist (who, by the way, we LOVE) today and she is also concerned. We have an appointment set up to go back in and see Dr. Segal so hopefully he can help us figure out what is going on. Let me tell you, though, this girl is something else! She doesn't let anything get in her way. She's already figured out how to start crawling around again. What an amazing little gal we've been blessed with!

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