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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Raising two special kids!

Last Saturday we went to the Raising Arizona Special Kids day at McCormick Ranch Park. We all really enjoyed ourselves and it was awesome to get a free day out to have some fun.  Being there just reiterated how blessed we are.  Compared to so many other Children, Madi's challenges (I always struggle with finding a word to put there.  I guess technically it's a disability, but that just sounds so inhibiting.  

On another note, Madi had a check-up with Doctor Moss at Phoenix Children's Hospital this week.  Her head measurements are coming back normal, her fontanel feels good, and her shunt appears to be working correctly.  We had a few really big bumps in the road in the beginning, but we are hoping to be past those now.  Dr. Moss said that once you have a shunt working well for about two years, you are good to go!  We are praying that this shunt is the one :).  Madi is continuing physical therapy with Gail at Aspire therapy and is doing well.  I am looking for an in-home physical therapist, though, and hope to have one soon.  We love gail, but the 40 minute drive, one way, to see her every week is getting old fast.  Research shows that children under 3 do best in their natural setting, so ideally, that's where we would like to be.  Madi also started receiving services from a developmental specialist.  She's getting a lot of help and is doing great!  She's a very happy, healthy, and strong little girl!  

I don't update about Conner much, since this blog was designed to keep people up to date on Madi, but he is doing very well also.  He is getting his last set of molars (for a while) which has made life interesting.  He was having a really hard time sleeping so our nautropathic doctor, Dr. Kail, at Arizona Advanced Medicine has us giving him small doses of melatonin and it's helping so much!  Hyland's Teething Tablets are a God-send too!  I'm in the process of making Conner a cape with Spiderman on it and he's thrilled!  He's a huge Spiderman fan!  Right now he's a fan of Spiderman, the letters 'o', 'a', and 'i', and the color blue.  He's a really smart kiddo and nothing gets passed him!  He is such a neat little boy and he makes life fun!

God blessed us with two beautiful, fun, amazing children and we are so thankful for that.  We truly are raising Arizona's special kids!


Diana said...

So glad both kids are doing so well! Praise God for Madi's shunt functioning properly! I will pray you guys find an in-home therapist! ((hugs))

Stacy said...

Melatonin has saved the sanity of lots of parents that I know of. :)
Whoever is your early interventionist (I hope its Regina), ask her if she knows any physical therapists who have openings for home visits.

Ciaran's parents, Jon & Wendy said...

I LOVE the skirt Madi is's so cute and I love the colors.

Glad to hear all is well with the family.

I did not know about the two year mark on the shunt...that's good to know since April 19 will be the two year anniversary of Ciaran's last shunt surgery...yippee!!