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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Things are looking good!

Last week we had an appointment with Dr. Moss at Phoenix Children's Hospital.  They did an MRI of Madi's brain so they could see if her shunt was still correctly placed.  Everything still looks good, which was really a relief.  The fluid is being taken more-so on the side that the shunt is on and less on the other side.  It is not causing any pressure to her brain, though, so Dr. Moss is not worried.  I did inform Dr. Moss that we would be moving down the street from him so that any time we are worried, we can just bring Madi by so he can check her out :).  We are almost to the lowest point for the possibility of infection, which was very reassuring to hear.  I had been having nightmares about her shunt failing.  The first nightmare I had was that they had to draw fluid from her shunt and it was a dark brown color.  The second nightmare was that every time I tipped her head, I could hear water sloshing around.  We know that many people have Madi in their prayers and that means so much to us.  We are so blessed to be surrounded with people who love us and care for us!

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Anonymous said...

That is great that everything is still looking good,and that her shunt is working properly! Madi,and your whole family,are always in my prayers! She is absolutely adorable!