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Monday, August 20, 2018

One Year is a Huge Reason to Celebrate

Deena has some great news that we are excited to share....

It's officially been just a little over a year since her last break! 

Now that she has all her major leg bones rodded, has been getting pamidronate infusions, and has good nutrition in her, her breaks seem to be slowing down. There was a time we couldn't make it to a follow up appointment without a new break, and I honestly wasn't sure we'd make it to a year. Of course anything can happen at any time, but for now, we are celebrating! Deena is such a strong, creative, smart, and spunky girl.  We are so blessed to get to watch her grow and share her life with her.

I'll share a little Deena story for anyone who needs a laugh today.  Deena and Madi have been really in to Wonder Woman and are frequently in WW costumes, as seen below (Which is one benefit of homeschooling; they can wear whatever they want to school :)).  They had a hilarious conversation the other day (which I shared on Facebook, so my Facebook friends have likely already heard it) that I wanted to share.  These kids crack me up!

Girls- We are might Amazon warriors!

Conner- So you deliver packages?

Girls- No!  We defeat bad guys!

Conner- Well I ordered a Wonder Woman motorcycle and it's not here yet.

Deena-  It will be here in two weeks.

Deena is a mighty warrior for sure, as are all of my kiddos.  Nothing will slow them down!

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