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Monday, February 8, 2016

Our Big Weekend

This weekend was a big one for us!  We trekked down to Phoenix so our families could finally meet Deena.  As an added bonus, we also got to have family photos taken by our amazing and talented friend, Michelle, and we celebrated our youngest nephew's birthday.

(Someone forgot the rule about not holding her until they had met her a few times and she understood he was family and not just another stranger ;).  Papas can get away with that kind of stuff I suppose!)

In other great news, our house sold and is currently in escrow.  Please pray that everything goes smoothly and for us as we try to finish packing it up and moving everything to Tucson.  If all goes as planned, the closing day will be the beginning of March!  We have a lot to do before then, especially since we are now living in Tucson and will have to travel back and forth while we get the house ready to sell. 

(A sneak peek at our photos)

Ramya's 3rd adoption day was on Sunday.  Since we were celebrating our nephew's birthday, though, we decided to wait until today to celebrate.  She chose Indian food out, and we also always watch her adoption video together and go through her scrap book.  She really enjoys having a special day!  She also wanted to watch Frozen so while the boys were at drum lessons, the girls watched it together.

We head back to Phoenix this weekend to begin packing up our house.  Please say a prayer that we can finish quickly and for safe travels back and forth.


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Catherine said...

So happy your house sold! Praying all goes well for closing and moving.