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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ramya's Amazing New Bike

I am SO behind on blogging, and want to post about our exciting news before I leave for India!

A few months back I got a call from Athletes Helping Athletes.  They had given Madi an awesome hand cycle that she LOVES and uses all the time.  When they were reviewing the photos from the event where they gave Madi her cycle, they saw that Ramya needed a bike too, and wanted to know if she was ready for one.  I had been waiting until she showed interest in riding a bike, and of course, once Madi got hers, Ramya was ready!  They had me fill out an application and within the week it was on it's way!  Ramya was SO crazy excited! 

A few weekends back my parents drove their trailer to Tucson so we could bring the bike here.  My dad then assembled it (thankfully it came already mostly assembled), and she wanted to ride immediately!  She and Madi have SO much fun on them together!

We are so very thankful to Athletes Helping Athletes for giving our girls their bikes.  They bring them so much freedom and independence, and there is no feeling better than that!


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