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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

We Need a Big 'Ol Van

Our adoption counselor thinks we are about 4-6 months out from being able to travel to bring D home (yeah!!!).  As of right now, though, we don't have a vehicle big enough for her and a wheelchair for her.  Our mini van just simply will not fit 3 chairs, and it's important that our girls are still in their booster seats until they get a little bigger (versus getting a van where they sit in their chairs in the car), especially D. 

We aren't in a place to be able to get a big accessible van (a big ford van or Mercedes sprinter are my dream car :)), but we do really need a big cheap van.  Something with good miles and lots of room, but very affordable.

If you happen to come across a great deal on an older used van with good miles, please let us know!  Thank you!

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