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Friday, January 2, 2015

We Ran Away.... But We're Back!

If you are wondering why it's been so quiet around here, it's because we ran away!  Ok, not really, but we did head out of town to California right after Christmas and just got home tonight. 

David was taking a break from work and was between accounts/trading, so his boss told us we should take advantage of the break and take a mini-vacation.  We took his advice and took off!

It was a bit crazy going just a few days after Christmas, especially because leading up to Christmas was so insane with adoption paperwork, therapies, doctor's appointments, and all the normal getting ready for Christmas activities, as well as hosting Christmas, but it was nice to just run away for a bit and get a break.  We got back tonight, and we hit the ground running like usual, but at least we are doing it rested.

While we were in California we hung out with some friends who happened to be there during the same time as us, saw both my birth parents, visited with David's old boss and his family, visited the children's museum and Sea World (though after getting home and watching Black Fish on Netflix I'm not sure we will go back ;)), ate lots of good food, and just spent lots of time relaxing. 

Here are a few pictures from our trip....

Running away!

We LOVE the beach!

The Children's Museum

Sea World


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