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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Two Great Updates From the Pediatrician Today

Monday we had an appointment with our pediatrician for Madi's 6 year well check and Ramya's 3 month weight check.  We got some double good news!  First off, I told Dr. Nemivant that Madi reacts very strongly to mosquito bites and that I was nervous about what may happen if she got a bee sting.  All 3 kiddos also have food allergies, and Ramya's are both IgG and IgE, so I also worry about a more serious reaction if she got ahold of something she shouldn't have.  I asked if he felt it would be a good idea to carry around an EpiPen, and he agreed it was a good idea, so we are now proud owners of two EpiPens.  I know that seems like a silly thing to get excited over, but it's just a little more peace of mind for me;  something that I really appreciate!

The second bit of good news is that Ramya has officially gained enough weight to be in a booster seat.  She is now about 42 pounds!  Her eating hasn't improved at all, unfortunately, so we are still working on trying to enjoy eating.  She loves the food she eats, she just doesn't love eating more than a few bites of it.  The doctor said she's on a good curve now (well, a low curve, but she's following her own curve :)), so to keep doing what we are doing, which is supplementing with a high-fat milk daily.  I make her a mix of raw milk, vanilla creamer (so it tastes extra yummy) and heavy whipping cream.  We are also working on adding some bottle feeding to our rocking routine.  Our attachment therapist feels that going back to the very start of food for her may help her overcome her dislike for eating.  I'm not sure if it will help or not, but I will try anything that might!  She did ask for paneer today, and it wasn't at a meal time.  She only ate 2 bites, but at least she asked for food.... that's huge for her!  I have also noticed she's finally building some good muscle and retaining more information in homeschool, so I think the supplementing is helping her in more ways than just body weight.  Yeah!

She is VERY proud of her new booster seat, which is purple, of course :).  All 3 of my kiddos are officially in booster seats now... they are getting so big!!

And in other news, Madi lost her first tooth!  She was so excited and looks so adorable with a little "window" in her mouth.  She is growing up so fast!!


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Unknown said...

Yay! That means Ramya's officially heavier than Viveka! I may need to see if I can get her to drink milk with whipping cream, haha :)