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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Two HUGE Answers to Prayer This Morning

This morning shortly after I woke up I got a call from Pryanka, our adoption counselor at WACAP.  She said CARA (the organization in India that oversees adoption) finally put Deena's information on the CARINGS website (we have been trying to do this for many months... the CARINGS website is the site that they load children on in India so they can be matched with families), and WACAP was officially able to match us with her!!  Our information was still on the CARINGS website from when we adopted Ramya, and though they aren't sure why because we are the only family still on there after adopting, it meant they could use that information to match us!  Well, they may not know why, but I know why.... God can move mountains and He heard your prayers for us!  This is a HUGE and very reassuring step in our second adoption.

And wait, it gets better!!

I hopped on my e-mail to send a message to Oasis, our homestudy company, to inquire about our homestudy approval.  It's been sitting on a judge's desk for months and we have been waiting for approval that whole time.  Well, before I had a chance to e-mail I saw an e-mail had come in saying OUR HOMESTUDY IS APPROVED!!  YEAH! 

The next steps for us are to get approved federally through the US, and then through India.  This means a ton of paperwork, lots of notaries and all kinds of crazy things we have to do.  There will be many hoops we have to jump through.  Please be praying we are able to get this all done quickly.

Thank you again for your prayers, and please keep them coming!!  Exciting things are happening!


Unknown said...

Yah for positive movement! Within 8 months? haha :)

Jamie said...

Ha, yes, exactly!!!!

mc said...

Jamie, I'm so excited to read this news! HUGE congratulations!!!