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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Whew... What a Week!

This is the time of year when all of our appointments come due again.  Although it's nice to get them all done at once and be done for another 6-12 months, it does make for some crazy weeks!  Conner's dental work and Madi's renal ultrasound kicked off our doctor business, and this week is the peak. 

Last Thursday I took Madi in to get her HKFOs adjusted, because she's grown (again).  We had a little surprise, though, when Ron told us that her HKFOs needed too many adjustments (again) and he would need to cast her and start over (again).  Madi is growing like a weed!!  We are excited about the adjustments, as her HKFOs were getting uncomfortable and, therefore, Madi wasn't too motivated to stand and practice walking, which she normally loves (mostly).  We weren't prepared for the hour-and-a-half appointment, but the kiddos handled it surprisingly well. 

Unfortunately we are without her up-ups for the time being, so we are hoping to get them back quickly!  And how does Madi feel about all of this?

Tuesday Madi had an appointment with Dr. Segal, her orthopedic surgeon.  It was quite a long appointment as there was a very long wait (read a few hours to get in) and unfortunately we weren't able to accomplish too much, as we didn't have her HKFOs with us.  I should have planned better, but oh well!  We will go back to see Dr. Segal, with Madi's HKFOs in hand, in three months to revisit her progress.  Dr. Segal discovered her left hip popping in and out of socket, which explains the sounds we've been hearing coming from her hip.  He thinks her right hip is in socket though.  Both her legs have about a 10% or 10 degree contracture (I can't remember which!!) that getting her back up and standing should help.  We also stretch every day and we are working on knee immobilizers to keep her stretched at night.  Other than that, she looks good!  We like Dr. Segal and enjoy our chats, so our time with him is never wasted.

It's hard to entertain a three-year-old for a few hours while you wait for the doctor, but we did it!  It took a little of this

Combined with a little of this...

And a whole lotta this

How does Madi feel about all of this?  This picture pretty much sums it up nicely.

Today I took Conner in to have his ears peeked at.  He has been saying they sound  "fuzzy".  I was pretty sure it was allergies, but wanted to make sure and also put Conner's little mind at ease.  Sure enough, it was allergies.

Tomorrow Conner has a dentist appointment to have a spacer put in.  He can't eat/drink for 3 hours before, but they said the appointment should go pretty fast.  I pray he does well, like the last time!

Friday is our appointment with Dr. Moss, her neurosurgeon.  We'll finally get to talk about Madi's seizure and see if Dr. Moss wants to order a more in-depth MRI to check her neurological activity as well as possible back tethering. 

Next week Madi has a urodynimcs test on Thursday, but it should be a pretty easy week!  If you have been wondering why I seem to have fallen off the face of the planet, I assure you, I haven't.  We have just been hiding out in doctor's offices and living it up on free dum-dum suckers!  We wouldn't trade it for the world, though :).

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