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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Pool Fence Answer

Well, it turns out we do need a pool fence.  Though I know it's better to be overly-cautious, I am just bummed that we have to fix something not broken; something that takes a good chunk of money to fix!  Statistically speaking, a pool net (which we have) is safer than a fence, but the law is written that we need a fence, and the judge is holding us to that.  Bummer.  And they won't approve us until we get it.  Big bummer.  Well, they WILL approve us, but only for a child over 6, and Ramya is only 4.  The fact that she might very well be 6 by the time we get her home does not matter, as it goes by their current age.  Sigh.

There is a glimmer of hope, though.  IF we had self-latching, self-closing doors on all doors leading out to the pool area (3), then we would NOT need a fence.  It just so turns out our doors are self-closing, so all we need to add is some sort of self-latching mechanism (that has to be up 5 feet or taller).  We have calls in to  some pool companies and have been searching the internet for an answer.  We have found many latches for sliding doors, but we have double wooden doors.  They have wood frames with glass panes in them.  Our goal is to get this all taken care of by the beginning of next week, so that our adoption can proceed.  If anyone out there knows of a product or has any ideas, please please send them our way!

(You can actually see our net in the pool in this picture.  That's not typical... David was just lazy that day ;))

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Prayers that you are able to work it out quickly and easily. Sheesh...