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Monday, August 30, 2010

Wooo Hooo for Madi's Amazon Associate's Account!

This month so far Madi's Amazon Associates account has earned over $90!! Our goal right now is to save up for a modified playground for Madi. The playground itself should not be too bad, as my dad can help us build it, but will still run probably around $1,000 or so. The rubber mat for underneath is also a HUGE expense. Originally we were planning on doing pour-in flooring, however, after we priced it we discovered we would need about $20,000 for it! YIKES! We are looking at rubber tiles now, which will cost much, much less (I think it came to just under $4,000, but need to re-price it). We have some much-loved family that has offered to help us out with the playground project (I'm not sure if they want to be named or not, but they know who they are!!) and that should cover the rubber tile flooring, as well as the concrete foundation we need, which is so very amazing. Now we're just working on the money for the actual play set. We are waiting on a few refunds to come through (everyone is so happy to take your money, but no one likes to give it back) for some medical expenses we paid. Basically, we paid a bunch of bills and then Madi got on Long-Term care, so some of those expenses should be refunded. The problem, though, is that they sent some back saying they needed more information (the most expensive ones, of course), and I sent the information back, but have heard nothing. I've called and left 3 messages, then finally opened a claim. I should be hearing back about whether or not they got the information I returned any day now. Once we get those refunds, we can begin our project. First will be a small retaining wall, then a concrete foundation for the play area. Next will be the actual structure, followed by the rubberized flooring. Finally, we will add grass in the area to the East of the play structure. Nothing fancy, but it will be super fun! I don't think people understand what this will mean for Madi, and honestly, I cannot really say I do either, but for someone so limited to the ground in what they do, being able to climb and have freedom will be amazing for her!

So back to what I was starting to say.... we are saving Madi's Amazon Associate's money to help with the playground construction if what we have coming is not enough. I know it seems like no big deal to use her link, but it is HUGE to us!!! A big huge "thank you" to everyone that orders through it!!

Making ocean cups on blue day... don't worry, I stayed glued to them, so they were safe even though they were up high!

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Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Aww, look at your little cuties. :-) I buy pretty much all my holiday gifts on Amazon, as well as a bunch of random things throughout the year, so I will definitely use your link when I buy stuff. Is there a way to load that into my Amazon account so it kicks over to you every time I buy, or do they want you to click on the link each time? Just wondering, I don't want to forget. :-)