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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What's Up In Our World....

(Madi and grammy at my b-day party... Madi loves her grammy very much!)

Tomorrow Madi goes in for a urodinamics test to see how she's functioning with the new cathing routine.  I'll have to wake her up from her nap to make it, so that will be interesting!  The doctors was great, though, and approved a later time to allow her to sleep a little longer.  I think I'll bring some mini chocolate chips, aka, baby bribery, to help pass the time while she's laying on her back for the test.  Next week on Thursday, we take Madi to get fitted for her first wheelchair!!  How exciting!  Madi will be zooming around in no time!  I think Conner's going to have a little wheelchair envy going on too ;).  Tami, Madi's physical therapist, said that we will get to pick lots of fun options and colors for her chair, which is very cool.  We will also get a bath chair for her.  I always get in the bath with her, but sometimes holding her while washing her and Conner is a bit of a challenge!  This should allow me to be "hands free" when I need to be.  Madi will get a new walker too, which I'm excited about.  She is currently borrowing one from Tami, but will get to have one of her own.  The one we are ordering swivels, too, so it will make it easier for her to get around.  On November 11th, Madi's 2nd birthday, she will get a prescrption for either HKFO's (leg braces that go up through her hips) or RGO's (braces that include a cable to help her "pop" up her leg) so she can be even more mobile.  There are lots of exciting things headed our way, and we couldn't be happier!

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Gretchen said...

Ahhh.. all the equipment! I remember those days... and now often wonder WHAT to do with all of it that he has out grown, man they grow fast!!! :) I hope you have lots of fun with all the new toys (that what we call them in our house to make them even more enticing!)