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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What is the hidden cost of standing?

About $2,500, to be exact. I talked to Hangar again today about Madi's parapodium/stander. Because we are not on AHCCS or CRS, and it is getting run through insurance, we need to pay our deductible, which is $2,500. I asked what the cost of the parapodium is and they said right around that, so that's just how things have to be. Thankfully Madi has a fund of money set aside with about $3,000 in it, so though it will deplete that, we have the funds available, which is awesome!! We also have the money in our bank account, but if we use the money for that, we don't have the money we will need for the house we have an offer on, if we get it. I hate using her money, but that's what it is there for! Thankfully this one should last a few years, with a few minor adjustments as she grows. The cost of a stander? $2,500. Seeing Madi stand and walk like she so strongly desires to do? Priceless!

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Ciaran's parents, Jon & Wendy said...

Jamie....I do not use any of the ortho docs thru CRS. We go through Shriner's. EVERYTHING Is matter what your income. If you want more info, ask me. I have been SO pleased with the entire Shriner organization and hospitals that I am using Ciaran as one of their spokespeople. I WANT to help other people and this is our way to make it known that the Shriner's HELP!!!