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Friday, December 4, 2009

Standing, here we come!!

Today was an appointment I am VERY excited about! Madi wants to be standing and upright so badly, but she just cannot make her little body do it. Because she does not have any movement below the hips, she is unable to support herself. Today we went in to get fitted for a parapodium, which is a device that will help her hold her body upright so that she can stand. She will also be able to move around with it. She won't be given a walker yet, since that would limit her ability to twist her body from side to side, but will be given a walking-stick type of device instead. Tami, her physical therapist, will work with me and teach me how to help her get around in it. Ron, from Hanger, is hand-making her parapodium for her. Don't ask me what it's going to cost because I don't even want to know ;). Tami and Ron talked so that he would know just how to design it. Unfortunately, it is not something Hanger normally makes, so he will have to order some supplies and we will not have the stander until right around Christmas time. I am so excited for her to finally get to be at her peer's level, though, and it is well worth the wait!!!. Watch out world, here comes Madi!!!

P.S. In case you are wondering about the photos... the first one is the mold they made of Madi's torso. I couldn't take a picture while they made it because I was helping to hold her and keep her happy. The second photo is of her getting measurements done.


Leanne said...

Yay for on the way to STANDING! I'm glad that you got some good news amidst your bad week, and hopefully this will turn into even greater news. I saw firsthand how hard it was for my daughter to not be able to stand and walk like the rest of the kids her age, but the day she finally was able to was one of the greatest days EVER! Now, at 18 months, she is just now finally starting to walk all by herself and is even close to running! Watch out, world!


Stacey Neale said...

I just saw your blog when I searched club foot on the diaperswapper's site. And I just read the entire thing. I think you and your family are amazing for making it through all these difficulties with little Madi. I pray to God that things continue to get better for Madi. The reason I was searching for club foot is because my gf's two U/S's show two club feet with the right being more severe and I saw a response you had posted. I was wondering if you were able to wear Madi when she was in the casts? Could you do it when she was on the board that you attach to her feet? I hope to hear from you soon, although I know you are a busy momma. *hugs from Alabama*

Heather Weir said...

Thank you so much for your comments from the sbmomandad site. It made me come up with some more questions to ask at our consultation today. I read your first post about your delivary and it sounded perfect.
Your daughter looks so cute. Way to go on walking.