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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Round Two...

Today was round two of casting. Madi's foot responded favorably to the first cast, which is awesome!! She had a sore behind her knee where her leg accumulated moisture in the heat so they casted her leg a little straighter to try and keep this from happening. I have been trying to get her in to Dr. Segal's office, instead of going through CRS, so that she can get the weekly casting that is part of Ponsetti's method instead of getting bi-monthly casting. I just feel that this is the best way to help Madi. I spent almost an entire day on the phone with his office and CRS last week and not only didn't hear what I wanted to hear, but also got conflicting answers. I talked to Dr. Segal today and he told me who I need to talk to in his office in order to get her in. I'm excited to be able to go directly to him, even though it means out-of-pocket costs in order to do so. We feel it's important for Madi to see the best doctors and for her to have the best care possible. Dr. Segal is the best there is for the ponsetti method, CRS just isn't the best place for getting everything done in a timely manner. We waited another 3 hours today, but Mickey and Goofy were there handing out balloons and helping us pass the time. Conner was so thrilled to see mickey in person!

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