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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My little gal is one smart cookie!

Today we saw Dr. Teodori, Madi's neurologist, at Phoenix Children's Hospital.  She gave Madi a thorough examination and is pleased with the results.  She agrees that Madi is one bright and shining little girl.  She said she is doing remarkably well considering all that she is dealing with.  We went over her latest MRI closely and discussed what we saw.  Madi has a corpus callosum, however it is thinner than normal and is missing at the tail-end.  Other parts of the brain can make up for it, so at this point, we aren't terribly worried.  One of her ventricles is fuller than the other which is pretty typical.  The side that is not shunted has more fluid than the shunted side.  We actually already knew this from talking with Dr. Moss a few months earlier.  She showed us what, specifically, her Chiari II malformation looked like and discussed what that meant with us.  Although we can never know what the future holds, things are looking good for now.  Madi is progressing well and we are just taking things one day, one appointment, and one test at a time.  Madi has a lot of people who love her, and she is a very blessed little girl!  We know she will continue to thrive despite her circumstances.  Heck, she is just as stubborn as we are!

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